Aviation Information

Aviation Information

Airport Facilities and Services

The latest Aeronautical Information can be found in the En-Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) can be found here

Aircraft Movement Area

Runway 10/28 is 1965m long and 45m wide and is suitable for aircraft up to Boeing 737-800 / Airbus A320 size. The runway was fully reconstructed and extended to its current pavement length between 2009 and 2011.

Terminal Facilities

Please refer to this link for further info


There are seven privately owner hangars at the Airport and any arrangement for hangarage would need to be made with the owners.

Aircraft Parking Aprons

Parking on the main apron is primarily reserved for scheduled airline aircraft.

The main parking apron has four bays: - one parking bay catering for aircraft up to Dash 8-400/ATR72-600 - three parking bays catering for aircraft up to Boeing 737-800 / Airbus A320 There are also three itinerant aircraft parking bays at the western end. Use of these bays is by arrangement with the Aerodrome Reporting Officer on duty (07) 4977 8812 (24 hours).

Parking on the General Aviation Apron is subject to availability. There is no reserved parking for itinerant aircraft at Gladstone Airport. For access to the General Aviation Apron during business hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm) contact the Airport Administration Office on (07) 4977 8800. For access out of these hours press the call button at the airside gate.

Aircraft Refuelling Services

For refuelling services at the Airport for Jet A1 - contact 0427 239 293 (24hours).

There is a self-serve bowser on the General Aviation Apron for AVGAS.

Ground Power

The airport does not supply ground power.

Aerodrome Weather Information System (AWIS)

The Bureau of Meteorology AWIS is available on CTAF 126.85 or by phoning (07) 49785522.

Air Traffic Control

There is no air traffic control services at Gladstone Airport. Contact with airport ground staff is via CTAF 118.8 (confirmation provided by AFRU) or by phoning (07) 49778812 (24 hours).

  • Navigation & Landing Aids
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
  • Doppler VHF Omni Range (DVOR)
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)
  • High Intensity Runway Lighting (HIRL)
  • Pilot Activated Lighting (PAL) + Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (AFRU)
  • Maps and Charts
  • AIP - Click here for link
  • Type ‘A’ Chart available
  • Type ‘B’ Chart available
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Chart available
  • Contact Airport Administration on (07) 49778800 or admin@gladstoneairport.com.au for the latest versions of charts.
  • Ground Handling
  • Winkel Aviation Services
  • Fire Services
  • Airservices Australia - Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF)
  • Airside Driving & Vehicle Control
  • GAC Airside Drivers & Vehicles Manual is available from GAC - (07) 4977 8800 or admin@gladstoneairport.com.au