Short Term Parking

Short Term Parking

Drivers will be issued a ticket on entry and are required to pay at Parking Pay Stations before returning to their vehicle. Pay Stations are located outside the Terminal near the Arrivals entry and at the Long Term Car Park.

For more information or general enquiries please phone Gladstone Airport Corporation 07 4977 8800.

Public Car Park Charges - Short Term

  • No charge (first 1 hour)
  • $5 (1 hour-2 hours)
  • $10 (2 hours-5 hours)
  • $20 (5 hours-10 hours)
  • $30 (10 hours-24 hours)
  • $30 (each additional 24 hours)

Note: Lost Cards incur a fee of $110 (inclusive of gst).

Parking Calculator

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Entry to carpark
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Parking Payment Instructions:

  • Take your parking ticket to a Parking Pay Station - located outside the Arrivals section of the Terminal or at the Long Term Car Park.
  • Place ticket into slot marked 1
  • The fee is displayed in the screen marked 2
  • For a receipt, press the “Receipt” button, next to the screen prior to paying
  • Pay with coins, notes or CREDIT CARD in the appropriate areas marked 3
  • Please note the Parking Pay stations do not accept debit cards
  • Collect the ticket from the slot marked 1
  • Collect any change and your receipt (if requested) from the slot marked 4
  • Collect your car and proceed to the car park exit. Have your ticket ready.
  • Insert your ticket into the car park exit machine slot to raise the boom gate and exit the airport.

Car Park Entry Conditions

Conditions of Entry

This is private property. You enter and use this property at your own risk and in doing so, agree to the following conditions of entry and use (Terms).

Gladstone Airport Corporation and each of their employees, agents and independent contractors (us, we or our) are not liable to you or anyone else for any personal injury, damage, destruction or theft, howsoever caused including as a result of negligence by us.

By entering or using the property you agree to:

release us from any claim which you may otherwise have against us; and indemnify us against any claim brought against us that arises or is in any way connected with your entrance onto our property.

You must comply with all rules and directions displayed on the property and any instructions given by us and must not cause any obstruction. We may enter, move or tow away your vehicle if we decide reasonably that it is necessary for operational or safety reasons. We may issue you with an infringement notice and/or charge you a reasonable amount for moving your vehicle if you breach these Terms or Council local laws. Also refer to the 'Gladstone Airport Conditions of Use' document available here.

Public Car Parks

Car parking entry Conditions

By entering the car park, you agree to be bound by these conditions. A parking fee is payable each time a vehicle enters this car park. If you bring your vehicle into this car park you have agreed to pay the displayed parking fees prior to leaving the car park. Persons entering and using the car park accept full responsibility for any claim made by them and any expenses incurred by them as a consequence of, or in any way arising out of their use of this car park.

You enter and use the car park entirely at your own risk. You acknowledge that:

  • When you take a ticket that you are personally liable for the fee for the parking.
  • GAC may prevent the exit of a vehicle until the fee is paid.
  • GAC may prevent the exit of a vehicle until a ticket is produced
  • No claim of any nature can be made against us as a result of such prevention or any resulting injury, damage or loss.
  • Vehicle may only benefit from the free parking period once on any day. Any vehicle found re-entering the car park to benefit from additional free parking periods will be subject to the full day parking fee.

For a loss of a ticket there will be penalty fee. The scheduled fees are displayed at the entrance to the airport, on the airport’s website and upon request from the Airport Administration Centre.

Unregistered and abandoned vehicles left in the car park will be reported to the police, and may be moved and/or removed from the car park, and/or subsequently disposed of. Recovery of the vehicle will be subject to payment of all fees and charges incurred by the Gladstone Airport Corporation