About us

Gladstone Airport Corporation


Our airport is one of Central Queensland’s most important pieces of infrastructure. It is our gateway to industry, tourism and an essential part of our transport network, connecting to passengers to destinations on their journeys all around Australia and the world. 

We aim to deliver a world-class regional airport experience and foster the growth of aviation for the benefit of the Gladstone Region. 

We’re committed to continually improving everyones airport experience by pursuing and responding to feedback, using the latest technology and delivering resourcefulness to increase the overall airport experience. 




For Gladstone Airport to be a recognised leader in regional aviation.


GAC will operate and develop Gladstone Airport to enable safe and secure travel connections that facilitate economic and social growth of the region.

It is committed to both quality and innovation in the services and facilities it provides.

It is also committed to improving its efficiency and developing its people, systems and technology, while maintaining a strong environment, health and safety culture and making a sustainable contribution to the betterment of the community it serves.




GAC is committed to:

  • Excellence - maintaining high quality services to provide safe, effective and efficient operations

  • Collaboration - fostering a collaborative culture with our team, customers and stakeholders

  • Honesty and Integrity - demonstrating honesty and integrity in all our dealings

  • Accountability - being accountable for our actions

  • Community - supporting the ongoing social and economic growth of the Gladstone region


Board of Directors

Since corporatisation on 1 July 2012, Gladstone Airport's operation and management has been overseen by a board of independent non-executive directors appointed by its shareholder, the Gladstone Regional Council.


The corporation was created as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Council pursuant to the Local Government (Beneficial Enterprises and Business Activities) Regulation 2010 (repealed) to receive transfers of assets and liabilities of the Council.


Gladstone Airport is a community asset which makes a significant contribution to the economic and social fabric of the region. 

Executive Team